Magick City is alive. Located along Greenpoint’s outer rim, Magick City is a dynamic center for the realization, production, and public display of work across multiple disciplines.

Culinary Arts | Magick City is a certified 20C commissary kitchen shared by local food-based start-ups where a community of sympathetic culinary innovators share ideas, co-op raw materials, have access to industrial food production equipment, and collective mentorship.

Music | Magick City is acoustically sublime. Theater curtains surround the event space dampening errant echoes. The wood floor was reclaimed from the legendary Roseland Ballroom bringing with it 80 years of New York history and good times. Klipschorn “K-horns” are the featured speakers powered by a McIntosh MC 2300 600W amplifier supplying a warm, clear, and luxurious wash of sound. Aldo powered PA speakers hang from the corners for microphone vocals during live music performances, lectures, workshops, and karaoke.

Film | Magick City transforms into a 50-person cinema with vintage wooden folding chairs, 10’ projector screen, digital projector, 16mm projector, DVD/Blue Ray player, and Apple TV Contact | Magick City